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More immersed and involved in the music

Feeding into the Denafrips are:

  • Innuos Zen MK3 streamer

  • IFI Zen Streamer

  • Audiolab 6000 CDTransport

Also in the system are:

  • Synthesis Action A40 Virtus Integrated Tube Amp

  • Tannoy Definition DC8Ti Tower Speakers (soon to be upgraded to Audio Note AN-E-LX HE Signature Loudspeakers)

  • 2- Rel T/9i subwoofers

  • Technics SL-1500c turntable

I've been very impressed with the sound of the Denafrips Terminator II. I was originally using the A40's internal Wolfson DAC and after installing the Denafrips I immediately heard a higher degree of detail, wider soundstage, and greater imaging. I also appreciate that the Denafrips helps to preserve the "natural" sound of the Virtus -- it's not so analytical as to be clinical sounding. Rather, I find myself even more immersed and involved in the music and the natural presentation paired with the tube amp is sublime. I primarily listen to indie rock, classical music, and some jazz and punk.

I have also been very impressed and pleased with my interactions with Vinshine. I emailed a couple of questions and Alvin Chee, the owner, immediately responded. I was originally wary of ordering from overseas, especially since there doesn't seem to be a US reseller and I couldn't audition the unit, but Denafrips had such great reviews I decided to take a chance. I received the unit in 8 days, which was much quicker than I anticipated. The Denafrips was very well packaged; it came out of the box looking pristine. Vinshine has reached out to me multiple times since I placed my order and received the DAC, and their customer service has been excellent. I've had the unit for a little over a week and have played it for about 50 hours. Given the number of contacts and excellent customer service I've received so far, I'm confident that if I do encounter problems Vinshine will be responsive. I am glad I purchased the unit and would definitely do business with Vinshine again.


Chris M. @ USA





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