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Love & Hate Relationship

I have a love n hate relation with my purchase of IRIS DDC, as it has improved overall sound of my system.

H/ever my plan to listen to all songs thru I2S has gone in vein, as songs which are 16 bit 44.1 khz when played thru I2S makes Zzzz creapy sound.

(Alvin: My apologies for the I2S incompatibility. I2S has no industry standards, we can't guarantee the compatibility of the I2S interface with products we have not tested. I am happy to hear that the Iris DDC does improve the sound quality of the system via SPDIF connection.)

I had raised this issue with your team earlier and they say it’s my DAC issue and my DAc team ( Matrix X-Sabre) says it’s DDC issue.

Below is the pic of my system:

Credit: Vivek @ India



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