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Listening to music gets nicer and nicer

My Pontus got support by the Iris and it sounds fantastic.

The Pontus itself is wonderful already. Smooth, relaxing and thus less exhausting than the chip dac I had before.

Though, in my setup with inexpensive streamer and without switch, it needs the Iris to show its full potential. With the Iris the sound got somehow darker, in a positive way.

It eliminates digital glare so the soundstage gets more refined. Maybe due to its optical isolator? Or the I2s connection? I don't know. But the improvement was greater than expected.

My denafrips products are fresh, engaging and of great build quality. Listening to music gets nicer and nicer, very good for lockdowns. Still searching for a good streamer though. Maybe from denafrips someday?

Credit: Seidel J




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