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Its just so musical!

The Ares II recalibrated my expectations of what a DAC can do for my system. I heard snares, vocalists, and cellos like I'd never heard. The bass is tight and light on its feet. The treble is perfectly detailed.

I've heard several DACs in this price range and the Ares definitely has my favorite sound signature.

There are some small trade-offs; the Ares can sound a tiny bit thinner and colder compared to the Schiit Bifrost 2 and the SMSL M400. But what you get in return is depth, detail, openness, naturalness, soundstage, imaging, and dynamics.

After putting it in the signal path and listening for a few hours I realized I couldn't stop listening. It felt like I was a kid again begging my mom for five more minutes in front of the TV before bed.

Its just so musical!

Credit: Dakota J. @ Virginia, United States





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