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it's the best sound I have ever had

Hi Alvin -

I know you post a lot of reviews of recently purchased items. This is not one of those, but I do have a bit of feedback for you.

I have attached a couple of photos or my system, which has been updated a lot in the past year. It is not very photogenic. I live in a small condo and don't have a separate listening room with fancy furniture. One photo shows the whole system, but with reflections from the cabinet behind the left speaker. The other zooms in to show the core components better.

A year or so ago my system featured an Ares II, Hestia, and Hyperion. There was also a Marantz CD player. All very good components, especially for the price. There were also a couple of very good tube amps swapping in and out with the Hyperion. As you can see things have changed: Avatar, Pontus II, preamp and monoblock amps. Each update brought an increment of better sound, and taken together it's the best sound I have ever had, and I have been doing hi-fi for over 50 years.

(I should point out that the speakers don't look like much, but it is a small room. They are recently updated versions of the DIY SEAS Bifrost with new custom crossovers and new updated drivers. They really show the differences in components, and blend well with the SVS subwoofer.)

Credit: Bruce B. @ Santa Fe, NM US





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