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It's like having an even better DAC

I was actually very happy with the first upgrade (3.3) but my thought was that without having tried the new software update (1.4), I wouldn't know what I might have missed. I see that activity has increased again on the Denafrips DAC owner's Facebook group. Now the discussions are heated about whether you like the difference between version 3.3 and the 1.4 update and how the rest of the music system reacts to the changes. The funny thing is that users are left with completely different impressions. Some have preferred to go back to version 3.3, while others shoot the new v1.4 into the clouds.

After installing version 1.4 yesterday afternoon, I listened for an hour but pressed stop as the music sounded partly disappointing. When installing v3.3 I had a bit of the same feeling in the first hours, but this changed dramatically in the following days. And voila, already today my impression of v1.4 firmware is something completely different. I have played a selection of my well-recorded favorite albums, and the music sounds better balanced and more neutral compared to the previous software update. Neutral in relation to the entire frequency spectrum. The previous update (v3.3) made the DAC play with greater weight and transparency in the upper register, which many users criticized since they thought it was like moving away from the Pontus DAC's signature sound.

I myself thought that this seemed refreshing, since I send the audio signal to the DAC in DSD512 format and with -6dB in signal strength, and thereby have control over any harshness in high frequencies. Playing in PCM mode and with unchanged signal strength can overpower the DAC's reconstruction filter, which is part of the DAC's Digital to Analog circuits. I learned this from Hans Beekhuyzen in the video on "Improve the sound quality of your DAC for free".

But back to the new firmware version 1.4. The extended soundstage is similar to the previous update, while the reproduction of female voices is absolutely exquisite. It's as if they've had some warmth added to their voices, which seems very lifelike. The midrange is transparent and full of details and when playing small ensembles, you can clearly follow the layering - which enhances the sense of depth in the recording. Bass and the extended bass are better structured and there is no lack of punch. All in all, I find the music even better balanced than via the previous update (v3.3).

I can only speak for myself and what I experience through my own music system, but I thought that what the Vinshine distributor and Denafrips technicians have achieved with the latest firmware updates is outstanding. Now users have the opportunity to fine-tune their system with the DAC update that best suits their music system - and all this achieved within a few months! It is not a question of for or against one or the other update, but is a completely free service from a supplier who is passionate about their products.”

Credit: Tom @ Norway






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