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It's kind of like being in a concert hall...!

Some photos of my stereo system and a mini review of the Area II Dac.

The various components of my system are:

  • Jolida JD 801a Integrated Amplifier

  • Denafripps Ares II Dac

  • Anthem CD1 multidisc CD player

  • Music Hall mmf 1.5 turntable

  • Project stream box DS net music streamer

  • Martin Logan SL-3 Speakers

The Ares II has taken what is already my great audio system and elevated it to another level. Instrument separation is enhanced, soundstage is truly three-dimensional, and my system as a result is that much more musical.

The combination of a tube amplifier with electrostatic speakers and then adding the Denafrips Dac creates a natural analog sound that truly envelops you in the music. It's kind of like being in a concert hall where the music from any seat in the house sounds equally spectacular! Thank you Vinshine!

Credit: Brian F. @ US





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