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It is very reminiscent of the sound of some hi-end analog gear

After two weeks of burn in 24/7, the Terminator finally begins to sound the way it should be and it is a pleasure!!!

It arrives very well packed as it should be, bomb proof. It is really heavy and not easy to install but it's worth it!

The power cables that i use are Furutech Evolution II. The optical cable to connect it to my Rega Saturn CD player is a QED Reference Optical Quartz.

Uncompormise loudspeakers: The tweeter is top of the line Scan Speak Berillium.

The components of the crossovers are also no compromise, only the best caps and inductors like Mudorsf SGO, Audyn Reference cap, jantzen wax coil and so. The inductor of the woofer weighs 2,5kg each. The crossover part of the tweeter have no resistor. The result is a very flat response and lots of dynamics. You can feel every little nuance.

That said how it sounds: the bandwidth of the Terminator is impressive, it goes very low and very high. It can go very deep in the low frequency with very good control.

The high frequency are really fine and rich. But probably the best part are the midrange, they are gorgeous, the wind instruments are impressive!!! Trumpets and wind instruments come out like never before. The sound is very well balanced.

Another thing that impressed me is his silent background, the sound comes out from it fabulously. I think this is due to its excellent power section.

It's sound is slightly on the warm side, a little bit. Especially in NOS configuration, where the sound is very natural. It is very reminiscent of the sound of some hi-end analog gear.

In OS mode the sound opens up a little bit, also the sound stage.

The timbre of the instruments is very good, you can recognize the skin type of the drums or the different material of the cymbals. The sound stage is deep and wide, thanks to it silent background and a lot of fine detail.

I'm really impressed from it's sound. I am re listening to my entire cd collection, discovering sounds and details never heard before.

I also tried it out of curiosity with my 4k bluray player, it needs a good source to squeeze its full potential. It's like to put a thick blanket on the loudspeakers!!! It need a high end system, i also tested it with a 30 euros optical cable, everything is lost, fine detail , soundstage and dynamic.

I think it still has some headroom, given the difference in sound with the bluray player.

for this reason I bought a new cd player, the Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3, when it arrives I will update the review.

I go back to listening to my favorite CDs ;-)

Have a nice day ;-)

Credit: Paolo @ Italy




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