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It is truly a beautiful and award-winning product!

I received my ARES II a week ago and have already spent many hours listening to its glorious sound. It certainly lives up to the positive reviews posted on your website. I particularly liked the review by Jay iyagi of Next Best Thing as he described my experience with the ARES II perfectly including the characteristics of the bass which is a non-issue for me.

Denafrips is to be congratulated for their work in designing and manufacturing this great piece, especially at this price point. It is truly a beautiful and award-winning product!

I think that my listening room may be haunted because sounds seem to emerge from areas within the room that I haven’t experienced before, probably attesting to the phase accuracy of the ARES II! FYI, my system consists of Magnepan MG-3.6/R speakers, a McCormack DNA-225 power amp, an Aragon24k preamp with a phono section and a passive line stage, and a Jolida JD-100A CD player.

I have made extensive mods and component upgrades to the internal DAC of the Jolida over the years and believe that I have gotten the most out of the old DAC chip set, which is why I purchased the ARES II. I have had the Jolida for about 15 years and like the feel and operation of the player so I am presently using it as a transport with the ARES II. I will eventually move to a computer-based player whenever I have the time to transfer my CDs.

Credit: Lew P. @ US





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