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It is beautiful and sublime to experience.

In these photos I have my system consisting of the Jay's Audio CDT2 Mk3 via I2S connected to the Denafrips Venus II DAC and Pass Labs Int-25, all analog, pure class A integrated amp though my Heresy Heritage Mk4 speakers and use Wireworld cables.

Although I am more of a "musicphile" than audiophile, I do love a live presence, dynamic sound with large soundstage plus good imaging and transparency-air.

Since I listen primarily to CD's, the pairing of the Jay's CDT2 and Denafrips Venus II R2R ladder DAC have completed the synergy I was trying to achieve. It is beautiful and sublime to experience.

I hope that more people give Vinshine and Jay's Audio a chance. I am extremely happy that I did, as these are truly high quality components!

P.S. I listened to Nils Loufgren Acoustic Live while writing this...

Credit: Greg H. @ Florida





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