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it is about the music and sound ….

I managed a workaround to get the Windows driver installed.

Also I can confirm that the sound is now very improved, compared to my Arcam CD23 T, which has a DCS RingDAC inside. After a full refurbish with more than 30 Nichicon fine Gold and several Elna Silmic, caps it sounded really astonishing.

The Denafrips takes the instrument separation and soundstage detailing a step further to my pleasant surprise.

The new setup is FLACS on an SSD —> laptop —> DDC —> Pontus II —> Luxman C-05 preamp. 2 new Audioquest cables and Belden /Schuko power cables do the rest of renew.

To place the laptop on my sideboard I had to create something for the IRIS.

It is not my intention to stare at audio-equipment: it is about the music and sound, so….

This may very well be sufficient for the many years and things to come.

I do not have the time to stream from internet: thousands of CDs and LPs and good books to fill the other time.

It has been a long and winding wait, but very much worth the adventure.

Thanks once again for your patience and kind attitude.

Have a very nice weekend.

An audiophile from Holland





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