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Instructions: GAIA + Terminator II/Plus

Denafrips Gaia instructions when using with the Denafrips Terminator Plus

Please note that there are different options to make best use of the Gaia with the Terminator Plus.

The Gaia will provide a clean signal to the Terminator Plus therefore allowing the DAC to provide best possible performance.

My setup:

Computer audio USB -> Gaia – I2S -> Terminator Plus -> Stereo Amplifier via RCA or XLR

Cables used:

- 2 Digital clock cables between Terminator and Gaia – please note that they cross over

- For I2S I use a high quality HDMI cable as they have ample bandwidth.

For best results the Gaia should use the Terminator’s clock signal.

Configuration on the Gaia

There are 2 steps involved:

1) Clock

2) Input selection

In more detail with the Gaia powered on:

1) Clock

a. Press Setup

b. Press OPT twice

c. Check if the Clock LED is On, if not then press OPT briefly again

d. Press Setup – this will store the settings

2) Input selection

Choose required input – in my case USB for computer audio via USB.

Requirements on the Terminator DAC

There are 2 steps involved here:

1) Configure the clock out with the correct clock frequency

2) I2S configuration

In detail with the Terminator powered on:

1) Clock

a. Press Mute – this enables setup mode

b. Press Input- multiple times – with the clock cables attached make sure the Opt LED is On

c. Wait 10 seconds for the settings to be saved

2) I2S

a. Select I2S input preferably while providing a DSD source

b. Press Mute – this enters setup mode

c. Press Phase repeatedly – the LEDS for 1x 2x 4x will light up/ turn off – for HDMI connection to the Gaia make sure that all 3 LEDs are off and just the DSD light on (see the Vinshine video - 5’14”)

d. Wait 10 seconds and normal operation resumes

Credit: Wouter K. @ UK





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