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In my opinion, Ares II DAC, will bring you closer to the music.

Dear Alvin,

As I promise, after about 20-30 hours of listening, I am able to formulate my review, based on what I was able to hear during these sessions, using the Denafrips Ares II DAC. As others already mentioned, I also find this DAC being in the analog sound register, having a lovely warm/creamy timbre projected into a great soundstage.

In other words, the bass notes are detailed, palpable, goes deep, are firm and very well contoured. Regarding the midrange, the vocals for example are realistic, well textured and you'll love the sound of the saxophone. The high notes are not so bright, but good enough to contribute to the musical image in a proper way.

I find this unit great for listening to classic instruments (double bass, drums, piano, guitars and so on). You can listen to Electro or other genres too, but If you're a Jazz or Classic music fan, having this device in your audio chain, for sure you will enjoy the experience. The best results will show up—at least in my ears—listening in Oversampling mode and Sharp filter.

I usually listen to Apple Music but even the internet radio, which has a lower bitrate, sounds great. I'm not an audio engineer, I don't read graphs, I just enjoy what I hear. In conclusion, at this time in this price range, it's a great deal. In my opinion, choosing the Denafrips Ares II DAC, will bring you closer to the music.

My system:

  • Yamaha WXC-50 Streamer

  • Vincent SV-227 MK tubes/transistors Hybrid Amp

  • Technics EQ SH-GE70

  • JBL ES100 Speakers

Thank you for sharing with us your great products.

All the best from Bucharest, Stay safe!


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