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I wanted to find something that could elevate my music to another level.

Hi Alvin,

I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the Pontus II.

I was a little concerned about purchasing a DAC without listening to it. I had been listening to the Audioquest Red as my DAC for many years. It was good, but not great. I wanted to find something that could elevate my music to another level.

The Pontus II has done that for me far beyond my expectations. It has made my music more transparent. I can listen all the way into the recording studio. The sound is so clear, I find myself listening at higher sound levels than I normally listen to. The impact of the sound is stronger. My bass goes deeper. Lots of air in the midrange around vocalist.

My system consist of a pair of klipsch Forte 3 speakers, Audible Illusions Modulus 3B preamp, PS Audio 12 Power Regenerator, Project 6.1 turntable, Roon Nucleus music server, Audio Research Classic 60 amp, JVC cd player used as a transport only into the Pontus, and the Pontus II DAC.

Here is a picture of the Pontus with the Roon on top of it and that equipment on top of the JVC to give the cd player stability from vibrations.

The shipping was excellent. I was worried the DAC would be delayed with all the problems with the supply chain. But the DAC arrived when you projected it would arrive. I love my new sound. The Pontus II easily is worth the asking price. It definitely can challenge DACS that cost three times it’s asking price. My mind is blown thinking the Terminator Plus can sound better. Isiah @ California, United States





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