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I never experienced this sonic excitement before!

I’ve been immersed in audio since early 80’s and my well recorded vinyls are my primary listening materials then. Using components with simple circuit designs, premium tubes, and cartridge in my audio chain, quite a revealing system, my pleasure of listening into analog would hardly be matched by digital format.

Recently, my digital format (mostly hirez downloads and studio masters) have matched the sonic pleasure I’ve experienced in analog.

Now, with my DENAFRIPS ARES II, it is the other way around. I never experienced this sonic excitement before! Yesteryears was a delight listening to an excellent recordings. Today, my aural sense has been telling me that I am an audience in the recording venue! I can now listen comfortably at a higher volume with lots of details, ambiance, dynamics, space coming out!

Built like a tank!

Straightforward transaction!

Kudos to Vinshine!

John A @ Makati, Philippines

My current digital set-up:

  • Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina

  • Wyred 4 Sound Recovery Reclocker

  • Denafrips Ares II DAC

  • Wireworld Starlight 7 USB Cables

  • Musical Fidelity X10D Tube Buffer with a pair of Telefunken E188CC inside (Y output for main speaker and subwoofer)

  • Musical Fidelity X-PSU Power Supply

Main Speaker Chain:

  • AMX Audio (Local Brand) customized integrated amp with quad matched Svetlana SED Winged C 6550 power tubes, a pair of Telefunken ECC 802S signal tubes, and Mullard EZ90 BVA rectifier tube

  • 2 pairs of Magnan TypeVi interconnects to link the Ares II DAC output and MF X10D input, and MF X10D output to AMX Integrated Amp line input.

  • Audioengine P4 desktop stereo speaker

  • Taket Bat Pro Supertweeter

  • ICE Cable System Reference Series speaker cables

Subwoofer Chain:

  • DBX DriveRAck PX for subwoofer equalization and crossover (LP cut-off: 180Hz @ 12db/oct)

  • Crown Power Base 2 amp

  • B&W ASW608 stereo subwoofer converted into passive type (All electronics were stripped off)

  • Standard interconnects and speaker cables




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