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I mean every word of this review.

Dear Vinshine Audio Team

First of all, it has been a true pleasure conducting business with you. Everything from your genuine helpfulness to the incredible product you had delivered to my doorsteps. Thank you.

  • The Denafrips Pontus II is a complete game changer in my system, to say the least. It is easily the greatest DAC I have ever laid my ears on, and I've listened to quite a few over the years.

  • Fully describing how much this DAC changes the sound isn't easy at all. You really have to hear it to understand it. The sound is velvet smooth. It's thick and rich. There is meat on the bones.

  • When I plugged it in I understood the term "air" for the first time. It allows the music to flow effortlessly like liquid from your speakers to your ears. The bass is tight and so smooth. It never overwhelms. The high frequencies are incredible. It's exactly like listening to an analog recording played through an analog system.

  • The details are sparkly and yet the music comes to your ears with warmth. The imaging is spot on and this is especially evident with voices. You feel like the singer is there in the room with you. Almost spooky but in a good way. Such an elegant holographic sound.

  • Of all the tweaks and changes I've made in my system none of them come close to the Pontus II-effect. I cannot recommend this DAC enough. If I ever consider a new DAC (which won't be anytime soon) I'm surely staying within the Denafrips family.

I mean every word of this review. And feel free to post this on your website or wherever you choose to!

Best regards,

Hrafn from Reykjavík, Iceland!





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