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I like the slightly „analog“ sounding signature of this DAC.

I really enjoy my recently purchased Pontus II. First of all, I was very impressed how quick you were able to deliver: just one week from Singapore to Switzerland - unbelievable!

The Pontus II is a very pleasing sounding DAC. It works very well with my transport (SotM SMS-200 Ultra with USB-reclocker and powersupply).

Right out of the box I noticed a deeper and wider soundstage compared to the DAC integrated into my ATC SIA-2 100. I like the slightly „analog“ sounding signature of this DAC.

I am fully convinced of the quality of Denafrips products and would love to hear my ATC SCM-50 PTSL with the Athena/Apollo combination. I saw you use this speakers in your demo room.

They sound great with my small ATC Amp, but I think the Apollo would reveal their full potential :-)


Phonostage: Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl

Cartridge: Benz Micro Glider

Turntable: Technics SL1200MK2

Streamer: SotM SMS-200 Ultra, tX USB Ultra and sPS-500

DAC: Pontus II

Integrated AMP: ATC SIA2-100

Speakers: ATC SCM-50 PTSL

Cables by Audioquest, van den hul, optimize audio and QED

Credit: Michael S @ Switzerland





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