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I know that only the top end equipment can do that.

My consideration for Venus 2 may be interesting for you to know.

My current system (old school) has been me for 15 yrs already, almost fully customised. The sound is very musical, analog and able to present the high frequencies well with both subtle and hard bass. The speakers sound quite familiar to Wilson Sophia 2. I wouldn't imagine if it could be improved very much more without spending $100k.

Your R2R platform DAC surprises me. With the Ares, the sound quality actually became sluggish and muddy but the space opens up by about 50% more, plus the music seems to be calmer and not rushing. I know that only the top end equipment can do that.

I had upgrade and to choose between going for T-plus or Venus 2 which can be quite challenging. Nowhere to audition. What if my DAC's back-end system is unable to optimise the full potential of T-plus, without changing my amps, cables and power supply. That would be a waste.

Currently, Venus had recovered quite a fair bit of very clean higher end notes, which as an audiophile always search for. I am so glad and had suggest to my audiophile friends to add your DAC into their systems. My search now moved on to subwoofer to add a touch of 10hz to 20hz bass as supplement to the speakers.

I do not profess to be an expert but I love "real" music. Denafrips DAC is really transparent, presenting the music as it is without adding snake oil. Your company is doing great. Thank you.

I had not owned any DAC before.


Lester @ Singapore





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