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I had never heard such a good sound from my speakers as now.

I've been rebuilding my audio system this year. I started with the Kinki Studio EX-M1 that I bought used through Facebook. The result encouraged me to replace my Mytek Brooklyn Dac+ with a Denafrips Venus II. Alvin from Vinshine Audio answered all the questions I had in advance, always and extremely quickly. What a commitment!!! Grade AA+!

The result was ..WOW! What a difference from the Brooklyn! It went from just sound to real music. Then when I went to XLR connection from the Venus to the amp instead of chinch connections to the amp. Made it all one step better. The sound became even more organic.

But now I wanted to know! I had the unique opportunity to get a used IRIS DDC. I then connected this with an I2S cable to the Venus. Holy sh..t! Suddenly there was a lot more meat on the bone and even more space and flow.

I'm not angry with anyone if they don't believe me and if I hadn't experienced it myself I'd have to call my own text a bubblehead. But as true as I stand I must confess: I had never heard such a good sound from my speakers as now. And I have a lot of fun enjoying music via Roon and Qobuz. The Dac and the DDC play so far above! I never thought I would be able to afford such a quality of music playback. Denafrips and Alvin have been instrumental in making it so. Because measured by the outstanding quality, it is also affordable. Thanks!

Credit: Roland @ Germany





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