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I don’t think I can go back to my old DAC.

Dear Alvin,

Thank you for your email and I would be very glad to share my user experience with your target audience.

I have been using my Venus II for around two months now and I love it more each day. The DAC is very well built and weighs kind of heavy. Compared to my old DAC (ESS9038Pro based), the Venus II sounds much more analogue and with a bigger sound stage. Musical instrument separation and transparency is slightly less but the Venus II has far less digital glare. It is a perfect match for my B&W 702S2 speakers which used to sound a bit too forward and with over-emphasized high frequencies. It reduces some of the sibilance of the speakers and now I can listen to music all day without getting any hearing fatigue.

I don’t think I can go back to my old DAC.

My next logical step would be to investigate into your DDC’s and see how they might further improve on my system sound quality. I would welcome any suggestions/recommendations from you on this front. I listen mainly to jazz on CD/wav files and streaming.

System :

  • Soundgenic HDL-RA2TB music server/NAS

  • Aurender N100H streamer

  • Silent Angel network switch

  • Oppo UDP203 (mainly as CD transport)

  • Hegel H190 integrated amplifier

  • B&W 702S2 speakers

  • Various cables from Furutech, Neotech, Audioquest, Acoustic Revive and Wireworld

I would also like to thank you for your speedy delivery and wish Denafrips would continue to produce wonderful products like the Venus II.

Best regards,




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