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I couldn't be happier with the Pontus ll.

Even though I've enjoyed using the Ares ll for 2 years, I'm glad I got the Pontus ll. Compared to the Ares ll, it is even more dynamic and has deeper bass and the highs extend further. The Pontus ll has better clarity and definition. I'm listening to lots of classical music these days - both large symphonic and smaller chamber works. I find the Pontus ll is effortless in reproducing the scale and complexity of a large orchestra. The violin sections especially sound more natural, with next to no glare or shrillness - something that has bugged me for years. Even when the music becomes more and more complex, the Pontus ll still allows you to hear all the separate parts that make up the whole orchestra. Subtle nuances of acoustic instruments come through in a relaxed way with realistic tone. The Pontus ll never seems to struggle to deliver the recreation of music. Jazz and rock also sound great BTW.

When I first got the Pontus ll I was a little concerned with what I heard. The bass was thin and the soundstage was flat. But the unit was literally ice cold, having been delivered with temperatures below freezing. So I allowed it to warm up and it sounded a little better, but still not great. So I ran a signal through it 24/7 and after about 100+ hours it really opened up, smoothed out and now sounds superb in every way. I couldn't be happier with the Pontus ll.

Credit: Dave T. @ Michigan, United States





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