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I cannot say how happy I am.

I connected Ares II to Hegel H200, integrated amp without a DAC, and listen through ATC SCM 11 speakers and two 12” subwoofers.

I cannot say how happy I am. I have owned four DACs, all sigma delta. Ares II shines. Together with Hegel H200 they make my ATCs sing.

Above picture shows the general layout. There are two stereo systems and a Home theater system. On the left side you will see the two subwoofers serving all systems and the two surround speakers of the HT.

Due to lack of space Hegel H200 integrated is placed on top of the center speaker of the HT and Ares II sits on it. Hegel drives ATC SCM 11 speakers as well as the two active subwoofers. This has become my primary stereo system with the addition of ARES II. The other stereo system is also formidable including Bryton amp and Bryston preamp, Project DAC with vacuum tube output and Counterpoint Diplomat speakers designed by Von Schweikert. However the synergy of Ares II and Hegel H200 has outshone them.



Aysan C. @ Istanbul




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