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I believe my system was already good

Dear Alvin,

I will be pleased to provide support to your product which I like very much.

I am using your DAC with an old Electrocompaniet amplifier (I like its sound) and 2 loudspeakers Aperture Tanagra (very good high end French loudspeakers) which I owned since a couple of years. I am mostly listening to classic music and quiet jazz with à Rega Planet CD reader.

I believe my system was already good and I did not really wanted to change this combination that produces a very nice, musical and detailed sound, never agressive.

I bought your DAC to do streaming through Qobuz Hi res listening and I am really very happy with the final result. Your DAC works perfectly with my other components and improved significantly the sound produced by the Rega Planet (I connected it on the coax exit).

The sound is more detailled but not more agressive and provides more bass than before. The bass are wider but still very controlled. Medium and high frequencies are at least better.

I like my new improved installation and thank your team for such performing and affordable technology.

I definitely recommend your product !

Kind regards

Philippe R @ France





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