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I am very pleased with the overall performance

I received the Pontus II about a month and a half ago and I am very pleased with the overall performance. I wanted the Pontus in order to attempt to extend the sound stage of my system.

My system consists of the following components: Bluesound Node II streamer, Sony DVD player, Hegel H90 amp, Bucharest Audio S300 speakers and Rel T9i sub woofer. The Node II is connected to the Pontus using coax and the DVD player is connected using optical. I was using the onboard DAC in the H90 prior to getting the Pontus. Most of my listening is done using Tidal thru the Node II

The Pontus did not extend the sound stage as I was hoping it would, I guess I will need to find another solution for that. The Pontus did provide much greater clarity and detail than before with the H90 DAC. I really do enjoy listening to my system more now, the overall sound is warm with good mids and very good bass.

Credit: Lyall D. Winnipeg, Canada





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