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I am very happy with this combination

Just some feedback - I took your advice, and purchased the Kinki Studio XLR Earth cables. When I initially received my Ares 12th-1, I plugged in my Van Den Hul The Rock XLR's, but found that the sound was a bit rounded, good sound stage, but possibly a little "mellow", a little too laid back.

I then purchased Supra EFF XLRs, but found that although I had a little more detail, the sound stage closed in a bit and also a bit harsh on the top end.

I then decided to I had to try the XLR Earths. Quick and painless purchase (ordered on the Thursday evening and received the following Wednesday in South Africa). I was very happy with service. Luckily I ordered just in time, as a week later I saw they were out of stock.

When opening the FEDEX parcel, I was very impressed with the packaging - this is more to what I would expect from very high end expensive cables.

Plugged them in, ran them on Wednesday evening for a while, then Friday and again today. My initial impressions are - sound stage is back, detail is where it should be, smooth (but not laid back) and musical. Of course, I am sure there is still quite of bit of running in time for them, and my DAC has also only had around 40 hours of runnng time.

But so far, I am very happy with this combination.

Many thanks for the excellent service and the good advice on the Kinki cables.

Now I will start the process of putting money away towards the Pontus, but that will be a while away.

Kind Regards

Grant @ SA





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