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I am so happy I did!!

Deciding to go with the Terminator was a very difficult decision. There are endless reviews online on endless products that personally find endlessly flawed.

After listening to many DACs, I knew my system could benefit from more clarity and detail, but being a serious professional musician, only if it was in a realistic manner and not harsh sounding to my ears. Most DACs I heard that were in the least bit satisfying were far out of my ideal price range. Looking at the proposed performance to value ratio, I decided I had to try a Denafrips, even if with no prior audition.

I am so happy I did!!

I think I have been listening to the Terminator almost non stop and I am thrilled. Such wonderful detail and yet not taxing or harsh. Especially with my already forward Focals, not being taxing or harsh was paramount to me. Anyways, I couldn’t be more happy for the moment. I can only assume this unit will continue to sweeten as it burns in. I for sure will be recommending your products to others.

Many thanks

Alex Orfaly @ CA USA





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