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I am perfectly satisfied. :)

The GAIA DDC has arrived....the sound is much better than I thought. :)

The improvement of sound quality is almost unbelievable.

You are so helpful. Your company is great!

I take the opportunity to share some photos with you.

The Plixir bac 1500 has arrived as you can see in the pictures. The BRUM-BRUM from the T2 transformer disappeared. :) Thank you for your suggestion.

If I use it with the amplifier too - I do not know - the sound has become more subdued although not much time has passed since I used it for 1-2 days. I wait a few days.

I use nordost frey 2 cable as power cable for the amplifier . I will try to change with the Hidiamond 4 power cable.

The T2 and Gaia make me happy - I heard an Audia Flight CD and DAC last weekend. "10 000 USD" and I compared - I think the T2/GAIA performed really well or better.

I am perfectly satisfied. :)

Credit: Henrik I. @ Hungary





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