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I am a happy camper.

Hi Alvin,

I am surely glad to share how the Pontus II DAC is performing in my system. I attached my current audio set-up.

FedEx has already the unit at their Philippine holding area on 29-Sep. I missed their email and calls to me on several occasions with regards to clearing the unit from customs.

That said, I finally received the unit on 10-Oct. The unit's packaging was well done.

I am already on my 4th week of regularly playing my system with the Pontus II DAC. Playing music with the Pontus II just out of the box was already quite impressive. This 4th week I noticed quite a change in the music - larger sound stage, more music definition even at low volumes. I am a happy camper.

I played the CDs in the earlier weeks, and now doing digital streaming using Spotify Premium, which at only 320 kbps the music is already very enjoyable. I am waiting for the Spotify HiFi (CD quality) release soon.

I am listening with the Rotel Pre/Power without the 2 REL subs, and the bass delivery are quite nice.

I will shift later to the Primaluna Integrated with the 2 REL subs. This will up the notch a bit.

Remember Alvin in the early email tic-tacs that we had last August when I was still deciding between the Aries II and Pontus II?

Thanks for leading me to purchase the Pontus II. Much appreciated.

Warm regards,

Manny @ Philippine



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