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I absolutely love

I'm trying to figure out my upgrade path and maximizing the amount of performance I get.

I recently purchased a Terminator II 12th Anniv second hand which I absolutely love. Could not believe how much better it is than my Yggdrasil.

Anyways, Should I go for the Gaia first or the Athena?

My current system is Terminator --> Rogue Audio RH-5 Preamp --> First Watt Sit-3 --> Zu Audio Definitions.

Love the Rogue RH-5 but wanting a SS Preamp for more neutrality. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.


I did a check on the power amp, it's low gain, and potentially low input sensitivity. DENAFRIPS preamp might not be suitable in this case.

DENAFRIPS preamp is unity gain, i.e. 0dB. It needs to pair with a power amp with gain > 20dB, as well as input sensitivity <= 1.5Vrms.

As for DDC, may i know are you using transport/computer with USB output? If you're using a transport/computer with USB output, DDC will certainly elevate the sound quality.

Credit: Ki @ USA





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