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Honestly, the Venus II (12th) still manages to amaze me.

Some reviews mention that the Venus II sounds a bit harsh when used for the first time, but I did not hear that. Actually, right out of the box the Venus II already sounded better than the (not too shabby) built-in DAC of my Mark Levinson. And as breaking-in progresses, the sound still keeps developing day by day. Honestly, the Venus II (12th) still manages to amaze me; what a great device it is, at an unbelievable price-point!

This is where I play music with:

  • - Roon Nucleus with Teddy Pardo LPS

  • - Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Waveform usb

  • - Denafrips Venus II (12th Anniversary Edition) DAC

  • - Crystal Cable Reference Diamond XLR

  • - Mark Levinson No585 integrated amplifier

  • - Crystal Cable Reference Diamond Speak

  • - Martin Logan Expression ESL-13A loudspeakers

Credit: RvdH, Netherlands



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