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Happy listening from a fan up north!

Hi Alvin:

Attached is my system setup: you of course know that asking about any audiophile’s system will generate a full pictorial response, so with that said…see below for the big stuff:

I have audio research LS28 preamp, modified VTL 225t mono blocks, Tom Evans 20th anniversary The Groove phono section, DH labs silver balanced interconnects , Oracle Delphi 2 with a RS-A1 labs tonearm with a micor Benz LP cartridge.

Speakers are a custom made Soundlabs 565 bass focussed electrostatics( fullrange) and a Rel 505 sub.

Running the digital on MacBook pro, running on Roon/Tidal. 3 Meter silver coated usb cable to the Terminator 2. I also have a bluesound node 2i for streaming. My set up is attached.

Thanks for asking…!

Best regards and happy listening from a fan up north!

Ken @ Canada



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