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When I get close to my Terminator11, I hear a buzz/hum coming from the unit. It is not coming out of the speakers, only the unit. What can cause that, what do you suggest I try to do to eliminate the buzz? Thanks in advance for your help.


The transformer mechanical hum is likely due to the impurity of the AC power, particularly some DC offset in the AC power supply.

Here are some links found on google, there are many more guides you can find:

While not all transformers behave the same way, some are more sensitive to the AC noise. Some simple experiments may help mitigate the issue. I'd advise the customer to trial an error to switch off some of the home appliances in the house to find out the culprits that are injecting dc to the AC mains (like the audiogon guy did).

It would be great to add a dc blocker or power conditioner like an isolation transformer to clean up the AC mains.

You may consider the following:


The Audiolab DC Blocker arrived earlier than expected. Not only did the unit eliminate the hum/buzz from the Terminator, the overall sound quality to my entire system has DRAMATICALLY improved. Wow, wow, wow!! Thank you Alvin for your recommendation. Apparently RF and DC interference is a silent killer of audio.

Credit: Les @ US



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