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don’t want to change a thing, at least for now.

My initial impressions of the Denafrips Aries ll DAC compared to the DAC in the Oppo 105. Using the Oppo as the Transport, and the same Harmonic Technologies Truth Link Balanced interconnects, the only change would be DAC and the Coaxial cable using digital out on the Oppo.

First, and immediately obvious was how much better the bass became and how that change improved everything.I read somewhere that the soundstage became slightly smaller so I was somewhat expecting similar. Not on my system. The soundstage became much more realistic with the added ability to clearly hear all the various instruments, vocals, and where they are placed.

Im one that has constantly made little adjustments in my system, especially the left and right Subwoofers. Since installing the Denafrips (approximately 25 hours of serious listening),I have not made one single adjustment, don’t want to change a thing, at least for now.

The system used I’ve always considered quite detailed with the Pareasound Hint 6 driving Magnepan 1.7i, which I’ve always enjoyed very much. The DAC has brought a slight bit of warmth, without loosing any detail, sense of air. All listening has been in the NOS mode. Maybe someday I’ll play with other modes available on the Denafrips DAC.

Credit: William S. @ USA





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