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DENAFRIPS VENUS II review: Hands down!

In the last couple of years, there has been quite a lot of hype around DENAFRIPS’ products, so it was quite obvious that a DENAFRIPS DAC was added to my bucket list.

The hype is absolutely valid, since what DENAFRIPS does as “mass production” is more of an artistic self-expression of engineering excellence. If Steve Jobs were still alive and focused on HIFI production, he might think about something similar. This statement is only slightly exaggerated, because it was well known that it was important to the founder of Apple that when an engineer opened their computers, the inside of the machines must also be pleasing to their eyes.

The DENAFRIPS Venus II DAC, which is presented in today's video, is placed on the middle of the company's DAC product range, and I can already say that, considering its price of around $4,000, it is more suitable for a wall poster than for the average person's living room. Nevertheless it's a flawless product in every way, insanely over engineered, no hidden "surprises", and sounds amazing.

YouTube Channel: RetroTech Hungary



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