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Denafrips resulted in improvements that fall into the "remarkable" range

For several reasons, I decided my primary music source would be streaming. To that end, I will consider system changes or additions to improve that option. Most changes have been incremental, bumping SQ in a direction that I liked. A few changes were remarkable. Two products from Denafrips resulted in improvements that fall into the "remarkable" range: The Pontus II DAC and the Gaia DDC. Before purchasing the Pontus II, I had already had a good experience with the Ares II DAC. I had some idea as to what to expect generally from a DAC. Still, I was delighted with the improvements from the Pontus II. The other Denafrips product, the Gaia digital-to-digital converter, was much more of a surprise.

I had the Pontus II for several months before reading about the Gaia. I initially questioned the potential value of adding another component. From reading various reviews, adding a digital-to-digital converter (DDC) to one's digital audio system can improve SQ by reducing jitter and providing a cleaner digital signal to the DAC.

If you had asked me before adding Gaia if I had a jitter problem, I would have said I don't think so. How would I know? It reminds me of when I was a kid and got my first pair of eyeglasses. I was unaware of the details, colors, and contrasts missed before getting glasses. Once experienced, however, it changed everything, and there is no going back.

All I can say is if you are considering the addition of a DDC to your DAC to improve SQ for streaming, go for it.

Credit: Phillip @ California USA



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