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Denafrips Pontus II !

My Pontus II has arrived safely and is hooked up and sounds truly wonderful. Thank you for your excellent service.

For the last 30 year or so I have only been buying second-hand equipment, except on the digital side of things.

My set-up consists of:

- Audio Research D70 Mk II (1983)

- Croft Super Micro upgraded by Glenn Croft to almost Croft Epoch standard in 2008

- Audiolab 6000CDT transport (replaces an old Theta Data Basic that had been dropping in price drastically together with a Theta DS Pro basic IIIa DAC)

- Denafrips Pontus II ! which replaces an Audiolab MDAC+ which I bought about a year ago, as a temporary measure, until I could afford the Pontus II.

- Loudspeakers are AVI Gravitron, modified inside, Deflex subwoofer panels on backs of cabinets, plus anechoic foam, which I also put in upper ‘pyramids’, as they sounded coloured and still do slightly. They are not ideal as the sound is not completely free of the cabinets, but they do sound very nice.

Wishing you every success with Vinshine in the future.

Credit: Julian T. @ UK





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