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Denafrips is in "a class by itself"

For your information, the Denafrips Ares II has made me very, very happy. My Bluesound Node 2i sounds good, but the Denafrips is in "a class by itself".

The sound is:

(1) rich;

(2) clean & crisp;

(3) the sound stage is big and

(4) the sound separation of the musical instruments is outstanding.

I have always loved listening to music my whole life. As a 73 year old Chinese American, the Ares II has added a lot more enjoyment to my life as I listen to my favorite contemporary jazz songs.

I want to wish & your family the best of health. And, it is my hope that Vinshine Audio prospers in the future. Being a very happy customer, I will tell all my family and friends about your outstanding company.

Thanks again for delivering my Ares II so quickly. Your shipping time was "faster than a speeding bullet".

Credit: Allan C. @ US





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