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Denafrips Ares II is all and more that I expected from it

Thank you for your email and your product.

My Denafrips Ares II is all and more that I expected from it.

Synergy is a term, in HI Fi, not much used these days, but I use it.

I have the same sound as before but better.

My Exposure 3010S2 CD player, 2 Burr Brown 1704 DAC chips, 12 years old. Was stunning in the musical reproduction that I crave.

It lost the right channel, a perfect excuse to buy the Ares II.

Exposure 3010S2 CD Player Exposure 3010S2 Amplifier Computer for streaming YouTube Premium, even more fantastic new music. Denafrips Ares II DAC Proac Response D1 Speakers Quadraspire - Q4 Evo 3-shelf Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Speaker Cable Bi-wired Audioquest Quartz Interconnect Cable - DAC to Amp QED Performance Graphite USB Cable - Computer to DAC QED Performance Graphite Optical Cable - CD Player to DAC Olson Rata Passive Power Conditioner Bespoke Speaker Stands, made in Birmingham UK


Stephen P. @ NZ

A British man living in New Zealand.



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