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(Denafrips) Aether with my dCS Bartok play outstanding powerful!

Hi! My LHY Audio SW-10 playing together with Electrocompaniet NEMO, dCS Bartok (pre/dac/stream), PYLON AUDIO Jasper 25 mkII and Transparent Reference. This hardware is the most “CRAZIEST” thing I have seen since years!

The switches below in compare with SW-10 are only “OK”, or “ok”! SW-10 is my WINNER! Soon I will be order the second one - for the “hardcore-combo”!

- M***o S100/2 ~3100 EURO

- I****s Phoe***Net (the same like Meclo) ~3100 EURO.

- S****t A***l Bonn NX ~3500 EURO + optional S****t A***l GENESIS GX ~3500 EURO.

My Hi-Fi system is not finished yet, but it was a PERFECT MATCH for the MUSIC streaming (ha, for VIDEO too)!! Thank you for your support and all important explanations!

Updated on 10th July:

(Denafrips) Aether with my dCS Bartok play outstanding powerful!!! I used BNC Sommer cables SC-Focusline for the Wordclock. Power supply Transparent Reference. This is crazy!!! If somebody tell me, that the combination with M***C REF10 (or SE120) and M**+USB (need two for dCS) is better, is more than WRONG!!!

Credit: Marcin @ Switzerland





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