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DDC Hermes: what is its contribution?

DDC Hermes: what is its contribution?

A few months ago I replaced my old DAC with a Holo Audio which I am very satisfied with but I was aware of the quality problem of the USB connection. After some research on the internet I decided on the DDC Hermes which allowed among other things the I2S connection, which from what I have read would be the best solution currently.


After a few days of running in the I2S cable, the result is really very impressive (PCM and DSD):

  • slightly larger image

  • bass: impression of lower frequency descent but no saturation

  • more detailed voice

  • treble with more micro details

  • more precise instrument and voice localization.

  • no hearing fatigue felt even at higher volume.

Impression that the sound occupies all the space behind the speakers.


  • - Room acoustics: absorbent panels and diffusers (not very stylish but very effective).

  • - Power supply: Block balun transformer 240/400 V to 2x115 V and filtering of each connected device.

  • - DDC: Denafrips Hermes

  • - DAC: Holo Audio Spring 3 Kitsune. (I2S link with DDC and XLR with preamp)

  • - Streamer: SoTM SP-500 + SMS-200 Neo USB link to DDC) and Squeezebox Classic V3 (coax link to DDC)

  • - Preamp: Vincent SA-T8

  • - Amplifier: Sony 3200 F

  • - Speakers: Klipsch Cornwall III

  • - NAS: QNAP TS-453B + 2nd Ubuntu OS with LMS server

  • - Platinum: Pioneer PL-510 + Lehmann Black Cube

  • - Cassette Deck: Nakamichi 581.

  • - TV: LG OLED55C8PLA

  • - Samsung A6 tablet: Squeezer application for music management.

I also connected my TV optically to the DDC and the Squeezebox to coax. There also gain in quality.

I had to install a motorized stand for the TV because it obscures a large part of the window.


As the days go by, I have the impression that everything is not smoothed out yet and that the rendering continues to improve (installed for 10 days).

In conclusion, I would say that the DDC Hermes is highly recommended.

I would like to thank Alvin for the excellent service provided as well as the advice to configure the I2s on the DDC and my DAC.

Claude B. Belgium





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