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Count me as a satisfied customer!

The Company:

These guys have their customer service game together! I had a couple questions and also wanted to change my shipping. Everything was addressed promptly and professionally. And then someone checked on me after I received the product to make sure everything was good. I even had a bit of a personal exchange with Alvin about fitness (my profession). Very impressed.

The Products:

My system is streaming only using Roon with local files, Tidal, and Qubuz. The components are: Windows 10 NUC> Denafrips Iris DDC> Denafrips Pontus II DAC> Odyssey Audio Candela Preamp> Odyssey Audio Kismet in Stratos Monos> Dali Helicon 400 speakers. In addition, there are custom made tube subwoofers powered by a Behringer DSP amp. Plus, there is a Schiit Magnius headphone amp in there.

The Denafrips Iris DDC is awesome! It isolates my system from the computer like nothing else I've used. Feeding the Pontus II via I2S, I get great results with a low noise floor. I've had several DACs in my system, and they've all left me wanting... they were either too harsh, too digital, or just boring. This combination brings my digital music to life. I won't say "analog" sounding... but definitely not digital and very smooth around the edges without losing detail.

I highly recommend this company and the Denafrips products. Count me as a satisfied customer!

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