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Can i connect the DAC output to two devices?

The short answer is, yes. We have a workaround for you.

The outputs of the DENAFRIPS DAC are shared, i.e. RCA signal is linked to the XLR Pin 2. If you plan to connect the output to two single ended devices (amp/headphone amp/sub), it's possible.

DENAFRIPS DAC is true balanced. You may consider to custom make a cable as the following diagram to 'split' the XLR output to positive and negative phase into two pairs of RCA.

A customer @ US got the cable made by (

Ares II XLR output 'split' to two pairs of RCA.

1st pair of RCA goes into amplifier

2nd pair of RCA goes into sub

He is quite happy with the outcome :)

Credit: Armando R @ US



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