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BUT, the Enyo was extremely close to the vinyl.

Hi Annie,

Here is a picture of my system. A little messy because it is changing and haven't had time to tidy things up. But here are the details.

From left to right

- A Denon AVR-X4200W A/V receiver for theater/some music. (Front L/R to Emotiva preamp)

- Denon DP-62L with S-Arm and HANA ML installed. Plays through the Emotive XSP-1

Right side from the top

- Denafrips Enoy

- A custom resistance load box set at 220 ohms for the HANA ML (Right of Enoy)

- A simple Panasonic DVD-RV32 (temporary for testing)

- Emotiva XSP-1 V2 preamp which controls all analog audio and L/R from A/V amp.

- Below the turntable is an XBox One I use to watch streaming content and watch Blu-ray discs.

- Below the Emotiva XSP-1 is a XDUOO MT-604 6J1 Balanced Tube Pre-amp for my HIFIMAN Edition XS headphones.

- My digital streaming and hosting computer (not shown) is a custom 6 core/12 thread XEON PC with 4TB of SSD total and 48GB of memory. It has a GeForce GTX 1060 which is setup to stream audio and video to the Denon A/V receiver through HDMI and to the Denafrips Enoy through USB.

- You cannot see the amplifier, but it is next to the door on the left of my cabinet. It is an Emotiva DDR-2 fully balanced amp.

Update on the Enyo:

I have left it on and have been playing streaming music to it constantly when I am doing other things. It is getting better as it breaks in.

I A/B tested an album I have America - America (A Horse With No Name) played on my turntable at the same time I was streaming it through Amazon Hi-Res music into the Enyo. While the Enyo was just a little more dynamic and the vinyl album of course was more detailed. BUT, the Enyo was extremely close to the vinyl. I had to really listen for the differences. I could always hear the differences between the Denon A/V receiver's DAC which was more analytical.

The Denafrips Enyo lives up to it's hype in matching my vinyl album collection sound. It was exactly what I was looking for.


David C. @ USA





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