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Better stereo imaging, more revealing, more open.

I've purchased 2 products from you, a Denafrips Pontus II 12-1 and a LHY Bluesound PSU Kit. Shipping was miraculously swift and I'm delighted with both. The sound of my 2 channel music system is much improved: Better stereo imaging, more revealing, more open. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend doing business with you.

Unfortunately, I can't photograph my setup because the gear is installed in a custom media cabinet of my own design; a cabinet stuffed with my video and 2 channel music systems, as well as network gear and various hubs; all behind louvered panels. The speakers you see in the photo below are part of my 5.2.2 atmos video system driven by an Anthem MX740. The video source is AppleTV.

My music source is a Bluesound Node (130) connected to the Pontus II DAC via toslink, which in turn, is connected to a NAD M23 amplifier by XLR. My speakers, KEF R11 Metas, matched with stereo REL Classic 98 subwoofers wired at the binding posts, are at a right angle to the media cabinet, facing down the long axis of a 16.75m x 5.5m x 2.75m room.

As I say, not photographable; at least, not in a single photo.


Kevin. @ California USA





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