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Best DAC under $1000 Ares 12th-1 Review!

"The Ares 12th-1 DAC sounds phenomenal, it gets my highest recommendation.

There are products that paired with the Ares 12th-1 DAC were such a difference, it's like I almost feel like they should be packaged together.

Anything that's cold in the midrange, lean or analytical in the midrange, can benefit from the Ares, absolutely.

eversolo DMP-A6, I connected Ares 12th-1 DAC to it, that, in my opinion, was a massive upgrade. It sounds like how I think the damn thing should have sounded out of the box.

So, if you've got an eversolo, and you're using more revealing speakers, and you're hearing digital glare or not the greatest high frequencies; maybe add an Ares 12th-1 DAC.

Ares2/Enyo, or the Ares 12th-1, are excellent performers on the most fundamental level. It does what a good Hi-Fi product should do - which sound fantastic and put a smile on your face and have you feel emotionally connected to the music. I love it.

It gets my highest recommendation. It will absolutely be one of my Products of the Year 2023. "

Credit: Nemo Propaganda

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