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Because it just sounds right

My previous DAC was a totally customized OPPO Sonica, with outboard linear power supply and tube output stage. It was the best DAC I had heard! Awhile ago everyone was talking about the Schitt Yggdril. So I bought one, but returned it as my customized OPPO blew it away.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when the TERMINATER Plus and GAIA, blew the OPPO away.

The mid bass, and bass is tight and clear like I have never heard in my system, and oddly I don’t miss the tube stage in my prior DAC. The Terminator Plus is so smooth and ‘right’ sounding that its (tube) not needed.

If anyone were to ask my if it was ‘safe’ to buy a Denafrips, I would very easily say yes.

Because it just sounds right, the 3D imaging is great , the soundstage is big and full. Instruments are both clean and clear…and FULL at the same time. There is nothing thin or harsh here. And also nothing dull or dead either. It seems you found the right balance, to make a truly analogue sounding DAC that does everything right.

I’ve been finding even more improvement with footers, and separating the GAIA from the Terminator Plus with footers too.

Credit: Theo @ USA




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