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Awesome sound from my SACDs!

Hi Alvin,

Just to let you know, I got my order of the Pontus II on Nov. 3 and have been enjoying CD-listening through my Oppo player’s coaxial out. The high frequency “harshness” is gone, the midrange more tuneful, and the bass is tighter – all providing a much greater sense of clarity and realism.

Then yesterday, I received the hdmi-to-I2S box and got it hooked up. Another improvement in clarity and dynamics with CDs! I then tried SACD. It was clear, but I could tell either L or R was out of phase, so I tinkered with the I2S configuration, then voila. Awesome sound from my SACDs! Interestingly, the configuration setting only changed the channel phase for DSD and not for redbook PCM, which is perfect. I will be going through my entire collection of discs now.

Thank you very much for offering such a great product!

  • Oppo BDP-83 (pic shows SACD 2Ch playing thru HDMI; not using Aragon 4004 Mk II)

  • HDMI to I2S:

    • Break-out box:

    • Linear power (talema version):

  • Denafrips Pontus II (I2S input; balanced output)

  • Hegel H190

  • Speakers: Triangle, Mirage, Paradigm.

Credit: Paul K @ Canada





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