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I recommend the Gaia for all setups

Excellent service. Very courteous and responsive. The Gaia arrived exactly as promised. Initially, it would not recognize the I2S input of my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. Alvin and Denafrips worked on a solution and I was able to install an update and now everything is working perfectly.

The Gaia has benefitted the PS Audio DSD significantly. The sound has become more defined and refined, better sound staging, better bass, more clarity and dynamics, voices sound much more natural. In large symphonic works each instrument can be detected. There is more air around instruments. Music really flows. I recommend the Gaia for all setups, but in high end systems the results are much better noticed.

I recommend Vinshine for their help and their rapid response. Thanks Alvin.

After installing the Gaia in this system this is what I noticed:

(1) Much better clarity.

(2) Increased definition.

(3) More air.

(4) More instrumental naturalness.

(5) Voices are much more natural and no sibilance.

(6) Huge soundstage.

(7) Much better flow.

(8) More enjoyment.

(9) Audiophile friends agree that the Gaia makes a great positive difference in my system.

Speakers are Silverline Sonata II, highly modified by Alan Yun himself.

Transport is the PS Audio Direct Stream Transport.

DAC is the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.

Preamplifier is the PS Audio BHK preamplifier.

There are two music servers:

Auralic Aries G2.1

Wyred 4 Sound MS music server with the i7 package and 4terabytes SSD.

An ethernet switch: Ediscreation Silent Switch OCXO Extreme.

Amplifiers are Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R monoblocks. Speakers are biwired.

Speaker wires are Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference SE, two cables for each speaker for biwiring instead of using a single biwire cable.

Ethernet comes from 1GB optical fibre internet provider.

Ethernet cables are Audioquest Diamond RJ/E.

Interconnects are Audioquest.

There are two Audioquest Niagaras powerconditioners: one is a 3000 and another 5000.

Credit: Jose A. @ Puerto Rico



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