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At this moment I am very happy with the Ares !

Thanks for the very fast delivery, I already received my DAC last Thursday.

During this weekend I was comparing the Ares II with my Hegel , in my view the Ares is better when using the USB ( Sotm streamer) but I prefer the coax connection of the Hegel ( CEC transport) .

When comparing the inputs between the USB and coax on my Ares, I noticed that the USB is more dynamic, the coax connection is a little bit too sweet to my taste .

The Ares DAC was operational for around 50 hours when I did the test. I will check this later this week.

At this moment I am very happy with the Ares !

When playing cd's with the Denafrips the percussion instruments are missing rhythm (Admin: please try to switch between NOS/OS to hear the difference). I have tried two Audioquest cables and the Wireworld cable.

The Denafrips is connected to the Sotm streamer with the PinkFaun USB cable which I like better then with the Hegel. I have removed the Hegel in my set when I took the picture. The Leben amp is connected two ATC SCM40 loudspeakers.

PS: I have seen many reviews but after I asked Steve Gutenberg a question which DAC he prefers in his room , he chose the Ares II.

Credit: Raymond v.O. @ The Netherlands





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