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Ares II from Denafrips & Vinshine should be at the top of your list

There’s no arguing that the value of Ares II is simply exceptional. The package is nice and it comes nicely protected, but not with a lot of extras. Still, the build quality, and the kind of sound you get for your money, is simply a 10/10.

The body can cross between classy, stylish, and even edgy at times, fitting the aesthetic pleasures of pretty much anyone who gives it a look. Lack of a remote control, and lack of volume control is compensated by it having two sonic modes (OS and NOS), which gives you a natural, and a softer presentation.

If you ever had a rough day at work and needed to lay low for a while, the relaxed mode, Ares II has it. And if you just woke up, with a cigarette and an energy drink, and if you want to kick start your day with the sound of a chainsaw, you can totally blast some grindcore and paint your walls red at the best resolution with Ares II.

Before the end of this review, I want to add Ares II to Audiophile-Heaven’s Hall Of Fame thanks to its exceptional performance, price-to-performance ratio, and great support by Vinshine Audio.

At the end of this review, if you’re looking to start with R2R tech, and if you want a more gentle presentation, if you don’t like hard edges, and if you want the ultimate detail, and a precise soundstage, Ares II from Denafrips & Vinshine should be at the top of your list.

Credit: George Dobrescu




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